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Workholding Systems

Erwin Halder KG is a manufacturer of products designed for clamping work pieces. The product selection offering these "gripping solutions" is categorized into

Modular fixture systems

T-slot systems (V40, V70, V70eco)
Hole and dowel systems (L12, L16)
Combo parts

Standard parts for fixture systems
Multiple clamping systems
Multi-vices (MS 125, MS 125eco)
Zero-point clamping systems
Basic elements
Sample design of fixtures.
Service vehicle for on-site demonstrations.
Introductory seminars and user seminars.
Training courses for customer's technicians at our training centre.

All of these standardised products are available from stock. We also make the CAD data associated with all components available for download in various formats. Your contacts at our company will be happy to help you find the clamping solution that is right for you. Apart from visits to your premises with our product display vehicle, which is equipped with products from our entire selection, we also offer classes at your training centre, where you can learn everything there is to know about our latest workpiece clamping technology. MODULAR FIXTURE SYSTEMS - THE RIGHT SYSTEM FOR EVERY PURPOSE Two systems that are effortlessly interchangeable allow you to perfectly adapt the fixture to the specific requirements at hand. The systems can be selected based on workpiece and production process and offer maximum flexibility thanks to their modular design. T-slot systems Tempered base plates are fitted with a T-slot system. This feature makes it possible to fix system components in place and clamp them at the same time. A particularly good choice for machining complex workpieces. Hole and dowel systems The base plates with hole and dowel system allow operators to quickly set up and precisely machine work pieces with simple geometries. Hole and dowel systems can reach the same level of flexibility achieved by the T-slot system thanks to mounted combo parts. Personalised customer service In an effort to furnish you with the resources you need to perfectly plan and implement your projects - especially in the area of modular fixture systems - we are offering you the following services:

Standard Parts

Erwin Halder KG is a manufacturer of standard parts - also referred to as standard elements. Offering more than 8,000 products, our selection of standard parts is categorised into

Machine and fixture elements (including spring plungers, index plungers, ball lock pins)
Clamping elements (including slot nuts, floating clamps, down-thrust clamps)
Operating elements (including levers, handles, handwheels)d
Machine elements (including sensing elements, set collars, ldevelling feet)

In addition to standard parts conforming to the DIN standard, our standard product portfolio also comprises scores of factory standard parts suitable for use across a wide range of industries and applications. Offering affordable technical solutions, these standard components are capable of performing such functions as scanning, fixing, pressing, absorbing, operating, coupling, setting, cushioning, transporting, locking and sealing.

All of these standard elements are available from stock.

We also make the CAD data associated with all of our standard parts available for download in various formats.

For special applications we can also engineer and build the special designs the customer needs.